• Heritage Partner

  • Extensive Research

  • Film Production

  • Motion Graphics

  • Exhibition Design

  • Campaign Design

  • AV Presentation

  • Publication Design 

To begin with, Australia's pre-eminent hat-making business engaged us to create a coffee table book that would tell the story of the five generations of a family that created an Australian icon.

Akubra first celebrated its 130-year-old story with a stunning coffee table book created by our parent company Bounce Books. Then Hyphen repurposed the content into other areas.



The project then evolved to include designing an exhibition to feature at the launch, digital presentations using images and short grabs of text from the book, and a short film about the company. We repurposed the beautiful and historic content from the book to create a series of advertisements to promote the release of the book, an invitation to the launch, large banners and reusable wall decals to adorn the launch space (and later the factory in Kempsey), as well as a motion graphics presentation that played throughout the launch.

The launch artwork included a 1–minute film to promote the book and an 11– minute AV presentation for the event. 


Akubra Book Launch Event
Akubra Timeline